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Pascal White

Pounding pussy since 1996, Pascal White has conquered the UK triple-X scene with his powerful cock and smooth Belgian accent, and he's got the resume to back up his total porn domination! The winner of two UK Adult Film and Television Awards and Ben Dover's go-to choice of male performer, Pascal has had a long and illustrious career banging twat and getting head for nearly two decades. He's nailed so many Euro sluts and been on so many porn sets that he's earned the nickname The Bonking Belgian, as well as a reputation for being one of the best lays across the globe. You've got to have some mint skills to stay up to your ears in pussy for twenty years, and Pascal has made it his personal mission to maintain a standard of excellence no matter whose thighs he finds himself between. It's that commitment to quality that has the ladies lining up for a slice of this handsome hunk, and at this pace, they're sure to keep cumming well into Pascal's DILF years!
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