Thông Tin Diễn Viên

Aylin Diamond

Like any modern European slut, Aylin Diamond is really into fashion. Whether it's fur coats and pearls or leather and stilettos, this stunning starlet's style is always on point, even down to the lacy lingerie she's got hiding underneath it all. Her closet is so full of the world's finest labels that it's about to burst, so you'll never catch Miss Diamond in the same outfit twice. Every last hem has to be perfect, because when you live the high life like Aylin does, you have to be prepared for any sexcapade to come your way. Spontaneous, free-spirited, and just the right amount of wild, this lovely lady is the very picture of that Euro hottie that every American tourist dreams of meeting, and with sexy skills like hers, you're sure to have a story to tell after a night with her.
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